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Joe Paterno Press Conference Notes

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Here are the bullet points from Joe Paterno's weekly press conference.

  • Joe wasn't ready to say the running game has turned the corner yet. He says it takes more than one game. Illinois was more concerned about the pass which opened some things up, but they did a better job of holding their blocks this week. Joe expects more blitzing from Eastern Illinois so we'll see what happens.
  • Not surprisingly, Joe did not want to discuss the Bobby Bowden situation.
  • Joe has been pleased with the performance of Jack Crawford and Eric Latimore. Overall, he thinks the defense played well against Illinois.
  • There was a somewhat heated discussion about scheduling. You can hear the unedited version here.
  • Joe gave a rambling answer in reference to the defensive tackle rotation. Basically he has been pleased with the depth at defensive tackle and defensive end. He's still worried about depth at linebacker, and he would like to see the secondary get a little quicker at reacting to the ball.
  • Joe is very pleased with Jeremy Boone. Says Boone has made things a lot easier on the defense by giving them good field position.
  • Injury Update: Devon Smith is probably out. Nerraw McCormack is doubtful with a bum ankle. Brent Carter, Stephfon Green, and Chris Colasanti are all "banged up", and DeOn'tae Pannell "has an ankle". Most likely they will all play except for McCormack and Smith. Also, Sean Lee is out.
  • Chaz Powell will play. There were rumors he had the flu or something last week.
  • Quarless and Shuler have been doing a good job. They have been blocking well, and they felt they were going to be able to get them involved in the passing game against Illinois.
  • Not surprisingly, Joe calls Eastern Illinois a "good solid football team."
  • Joe was really impressed with Stephfon Green. Says he's come a long way and credits Galen Hall for coaching him up.
  • Joe isn't thrilled with running Clark as much as they did against Illinois, but he feels that some of the younger quarterbacks are coming along, so they can take some chances with Clark. Illinois opened up some things that lended themself to running Clark more. Going forward they may not do that.
  • Joe wishes they could have found more time for Newsome to play. But they want to put him in situations where he can succeed, because if they put him in there and he struggles they worry it may set him back.
  • Lou Eliades is coming along. He's learning how to play hurt and getting better.
  • Stephon Morris is playing cornerback in the nickle package and D'Anton Lynn is moving over to the nickle back. He's playing well and the staff is pleased