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There Will Be No Preview Today - Blame Curley

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Fridays are usually a light day for your BSD moderators. Usually around Wednesday I start thinking about what I'm going to write in my Friday preview. Then I'll send a reminder to RUTS and Kevin to get me their previews so I can put a post together. By Thursday night we usually have our previews put together, layed out, and scheduled to run sometime on Friday morning. Then we let you, the reader, have the rest of the day to talk about whatever you want.

But this week was different. By late Thursday afternoon I realized there had been no discussion between the three of us about putting our previews together. I hadn't put any effort into thinking about what I was going to say. Then it hit me and I realized why. I really don't care.

And really, why should I? This game isn't even good enough for a noon start on ESPN2. Instead they're putting it on ESPN Classic where it should reach about 53 people nationwide. Why even bother? It's not even good enough for the Big Ten Network for goodness sakes. If the Big Ten doesn't care, why should we? This is the fourth crappy game on the schedule out of our first six games this year. I waited eight long months through the spring and summer until opening day arrived, and now we're six weeks into the season and I am completely bored with the whole thing. So forgive me if I really don't care to put the time and effort into doing a preview today.

And honestly, the offense and defense reviews are kind of up in the air at this point too. RUTS doesn't get ESPN Classic, and something tells me he's not going to drive three hours tomorrow morning to see this game. Kevin is at that stage in life where all his friends are getting married so he has a wedding to go to every other week including this one. (I've been there, dude, and it sucks. But it just lasts a few more years. Then you have to buy baby gifts all the time.) Myself, I have to take my kid to his soccer game while the game is going on. Don't get me wrong, I'm really looking forward to it and really enjoy going to his games. I'll set the DVR, but I really don't know if I'll watch the game later or not. I would probably rather watch some of the 3:30 games. And there's no way I'm missing Florida and LSU Saturday night. Then on Sunday I have church in the morning and the NASCAR race in the afternoon. On top of it all, my mother-in-law is in town for the weekend so I kind of have to do the family thing. Just think about that for a moment: Spending time with my mother-in-law...might beat out the Penn State game. So if I do watch the game, it may be Monday or Tuesday until I get around to it, and by that point where's the value in doing a review?

Sadly, this is what you get when your athletic department uses the Big Ten bye week to make some extra bucks by scheduling the Saint Catherine's School for the Blind junior varsity team. They take you, the Penn State fan, for granted. They lump this game in with all the others in the season ticket package. They know you will buy it because you have to if you want to see Ohio State in Happy Valley a month from now. They've got you by the balls and they know it.

I know for a fact that the athletic department knows this blog exists. So I hope somebody is reading it today. If you don't care about the fans enough to put somebody with a heartbeat on the schedule, don't expect me to care enough to put any effort into covering the game.

So there will be no preview today, and I don't care. Blame Curley.