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Too Easy, Drill Sergeant! Penn State 42, Michigan State 14

Michigan State was doing something right early. The Penn State play calls weren't designed to pick up the blitz, and so when it came Clark was usually helpless to ward off an untouched attacker. It didn't help that Clark was often under center or not in a designed roll out. The coaches weren't adding extra blockers or even giving Clark a chance to out-run them.

So the first half was a struggle that included two missed Collin Wagner field goals, although one would have been a career long. Penn State was moving the ball but not finishing drives. Combined, there were ten scoreless drives between the two teams. Penn State put one together late, and thenTom  Bradley - who for the most part called a very good game - went into a miserably pathetic prevent that literally gave away a touchdown before the end of the half.

But then this happened:


The Drake play pass was a beautiful spiral and excellent catch by Quarless. Daryll found time and rhythm. Zug, Quarless, and Moye all had four catches for over 50 yards. The running game opened up to the tune of 8.8 yards per carry from Royster. It became a blowout.

Newsome came in, wasn't allowed to throw, and the teams traded garbage touchdowns. In the end, though, it was exactly what we needed to start the Great Debate with Iowa, who sputtered to a 12-0 win against a Decker-less Minnesota that has given up at least 20 points to every FBS team on the schedule.

But for now let's enjoy the success brought to you by the end-of-game scoreboard: Penn State 42, Michigan State 14, and three timeouts remaining.