2009 in a Nutshell

If you can get pressure on the quarterback with four guys, you win. If not, you lose. And probably by a lot.

That's the entire season, and it's not even sufficient for a fanpost. In order to get there I'll make an observation. The pessimistc side of us all would say this team had a habit of starting slowly. But if you look back every team we beat had some manner of gameplan to get pressure on Clark which worked to some degree in the first half. But almost without exception, the team played a great second half and won handily.

You might make a case that a coaching staff that catches a lot of grief in losses for failing to make adjustments actually makes adjustments quite well. It's just that there is no solution to not being able to block the other teams front four. Just a thought.

I say let's hit the Orange Bowl, because nobody will remember in five years anyway,

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