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So Ends The Forgettable Season

Twelve weeks. That's all you get. Like the changing of the leaves in the brisk breeze of autumn, the season comes and goes before you know it. You have to enjoy it while it's here, because it's a long wait until next fall. That's what makes this season so disappointing.

Don't get me wrong. 10-2 is a good year. I'd much rather be in our situation than Michigan, Notre Dame, or Florida State right now. Ask those teams how they feel about their future this morning. With back-to-back ten win seasons and a stellar recruiting class about to sign the dotted line in February, I'm feeling great about the direction of the program. Let me be clear about that. But as for the 2009 season, I'm completely, and utterly, disappointed.

Penn State had two games against decent opponents. Both games were at home. But they just didn't show up against Iowa or Ohio State. So now they sit hoping a BCS bowl selection committee is impressed with wins over 9-2 Temple or 8-4 Northwestern.

For the life of me, I can't ever remember a Penn State season with less drama. Can someone tell me what the memorable moment of 2009 will be ten years from now? There was no dramatic goal line stand to save a win. No LaVar Arrington leaping over the offensive line. There was no MRob destroying a safety. No Poz running down a Heisman Trophy winner from behind. No Tamba Hali flipping over the same quarterback to save the win. No Mark Rubin forcing a key fumble. There was just no defining moment of this entire season, and that is what makes it a disappointment.

The last chance this Penn State team has to make this a memorable season will have to come in the bowl game. But even that is up in the air. If they go to a BCS game, they will most likely get paired against a mid-major team or the ACC champion, which is looking like Georgia Tech. If they go to the Capital One Bowl, it's looking like they'll play Mississippi. I doubt that ten years from now anyone would look back fondly on those epic games against the Horned Frogs, the Yellow Jackets, or the Rebels.

So whatever bowl game they get picked for I hope Penn State gets a win. But as far as 2009 goes, this is an utterly forgettable season for me as a blogger, and I'm glad it's over. Next year I'm not sure how good they're going to be with a new quarterback and heavy losses to replace on defense. Oh, then there's that trip to Alabama who hasn't lost a regular season game since 2007. So it may very well be more of the same. 2011 can't get here soon enough for me.