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Spartans Go Chris Baker On Random People

Let's say you're a Michigan State football player and you just got your butt whooped 42-14 to finish with a 6-6 record. How would you celebrate? Well, these Spartans celebrate by storming into a dormitory and beating up random people and women.

Witnesses and students involved in the incident said a group of 15 to 20 men, who some described as MSU football players, stormed into the dormitory and hit and injured about seven students, some of them women.

Brent Mitchell, a communication junior who said he was sent to Lansing’s Sparrow Hospital after being punched in the face, said some of the men wore ski masks, but others were recognized as football team members.

"I walked up and said, ‘It isn’t worth it.’ A guy with dreadlocks hit me and in the scuffle slapped, hit females to get them out of the way," Mitchell said.

I'm sorry for the victims in all of this, but ski masks and punching women? That's pretty pathetic.

To find some comedy relief in this, read the comments to the article linked above like this one.

If you ever find yourself being attacked by an MSU football player, just yell "Wheel Route" and you’ll quickly find yourself being left all alone.