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Nitt Picks Is Asking "What Streak?"

 At least it's not a pizza bowl.  The Big Ten is officially in Texas to stay.  It's the Dallas Football Classic in the recently rejected Cotton Bowl (Stadium):

Following is the four-year schedule (selection placement shown for the Big Ten and Big 12 excludes BCS selections):

January 1, 2011 - Big 12 (#7) vs. Big Ten (#6)
January 1, 2012 - Conference USA vs. Big Ten (#6)
January 1, 2013 - Big 12 (#7) vs. Big Ten (#6)
January 1, 2014 - Conference USA vs. Big Ten (#6)

(Should an "at-large" selection be required, Conference USA will provide a back-up team in years 2011 and 2013, and the Big 12 will provide a back-up team in years 2012 and 2014.)

Why aren't bowls doing more of this? Alternating with CUSA isn't much of a draw, but it would be a lot more fun to see the Capital One Bowl rotate the #2's around, and we might finally get to see a regularly scheduled decent matchup in a bowl game with someone other than the SEC or Southern Cal.

The (fake) streak is on the line.  11W wrote an entire post about Penn State without making a joke about soiled pants.  Congrats guys (never mind, I missed the photo caption) (better luck next year):

If the Buckeyes want any shot of making the Rose Bowl and winning a fifth straight Big Ten title...[LOLZ -ed]

If you are not a fan of Tressel punting on 4th and 1 from the opponent 37 yard line, you will not be happy in the coming weeks. If JT was conservative with his play calling when Aaron Pettrey was healthy, imagine what it will be like this week with either an inexperienced Barclay or Buchanan at the helm.

You've seen it in the stats: this game is likely to mirror the offense hating ways of the 2008 contest.  A year ago, scoring went like this: a QB sneak for a touchdown and field goals of 31, 41, 26 and 25 yards.  That's it.  Not the kind of game you want to break a kicker in on.  Especially if he was one for three in last weeks exhibition.

Stop it. I feel like I've been hard on Rittenberg lately, I think he does a good job, but give it a rest already:

When scanning the BCS standings, it's pretty easy to formulate a one-sentence summary for each team to this point in the season.

Examples: [...]

Then you get to No. 11 Penn State. What do we really know about this team?

What do we know about a team with this schedule: LA-Monroe, Wyoming, Texas Tech, UTEP, Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri, Oklahoma State?

Or this one: Rutgers, SE Missouri St., Oregon State, Fresno State, Miami Ohio, South Florida, Louisville, Syracuse?

The schedules are so watered down anymore, only teams with preconceived "identities" can really "prove" anything. See: Texas, Florida and Alabama as the only three teams anyone cares about even though they aren't the only undefeateds.

Even if Penn State wins this weekend, which is no guarantee, what will we know then? Will a home win over a (then) three-loss Ohio State team change the rhetoric? Probably not.

There is still some question.  He might not be around to see it, he admits as much, but Wanny had a little chat with Joe Paterno about renewing the rivalry and told a reporter his thoughts on the reality of the situation:

Do you want to play Penn State every year?

"We [Pitt, obviously] need to be playing Penn State. I was on the job about a month and I talked to Coach Paterno about it. It probably won't happen until he retires and I understand that. It's his prerogative. But it'll happen. Maybe I won't even be here, either [when it happens]. We should play each other. It's a great, great national [emphasis HIS. -ed] in-state rivalry. We should be playing each other. There is no question about that. There probably isn't anyone who would disagree with that."

In scores of other games.  Some in-house stuff, DA Madeira gets Pwned!...In Defense of Statistics is back...and maybe this is a little much.