Ohio State Vandals

For those that don't know, BSD Mike and I live in Houston, TX. When we moved in just before football season started last year, we saw that one of our neighbors had an Ohio State flag firmly planted in their front yard. So most of the year we have a good time talking Big 10 football. They are great neighbors. Otherwise we are surrounded by Texas, A&M, and LSU fans.

But this morning we opened our front door and saw this:





Last week my neighbor, Jennifer, who is actually the OSU alum, predicted they would beat us and lose to Michigan. She wasn't being mean about it or trash talking persay, just lamenting how "stupid" Pryor is. Mike just laughed when she said she thought they would beat us.

So this morning I sent my five year old over to slap some big old PSU magnets on their car. This means war.

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