Questions on a couple plays

I hate to bring this up, but I had some questions re: the debacle that was yesterdays game. I was (un)fortunate enough to score some tickets, so I missed some explanations that was probably given on TV.

First one, the touchback in the second quarter (I think?)--when Boone punted the ball, it hit the Tosu player and ended up in the end zone. The microphone went out on the ref so I missed the explanation as to why that was touchback and not a safety.

Second, I think it was during the 3rd quarter, maybe the 4th, when Boone was essentially mauled by an Tosu player after punting the ball, but roughing the kicker was never called. Did they ever say why the penalty wasn't called?

I talked to a bunch of Buckeye fans today and they said that they were please about how they were treated here. They said the PSU fans were some of the nicest that they have met and how beautiful the campus is. Some even said how it was nicer than the Tosu campus. I haven't heard a single story about any bad treatments to their fans. And I must say the Tosu fans were respectful after the game. We had a ton around us in the RV lot and they did not rub in the win. The same couldn't be said of my friends who were in Columbus (I ended up turning off my phone), but the ones that showed up to the game were really nice. I received a lot of comments about the PSU hospitality.

The football team might have let us down, but PSU fans did a wonderful job of representing PSU pride.

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