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Daryll Clark Is Aware Of Reality

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Daryll Clark is mad as hell, and he's not going to take this anymore.



Hey, that's the deal.  In 2009, there's 12-for-32 against Iowa and 12-for-28 against Ohio State.  In 2008, there's 9-for-23 in Iowa City and 12-for-20 in an incomplete performance at the Horseshoe.  And in between, a lot of gaudy numbers against some awful defenses.  The Capital One Bowl won't make or break Daryll Clark's career, and Clark can't do it by himself.  However, even he couldn't deny that a win against a top-15 team* would do wonders for how he's remembered in Happy Valley.


* - Other than that ridiculously fraudulent 15th ranked Michigan State team that was pasted in Beaver Stadium last year.  They were awful.