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Rest Easy, Jim Delany. Your 12th Member Has Arrived.

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What if I told you there was a university that was Harvard from Monday through Friday and Southern Cal on Saturdays?  A team that is already ranked preseason #1 by a prominent college football analyst, has tons of famous alumni, possesses world-class facilities, and would provide Penn State with a rivalry game that would easily eclipse Ohio State vs. Michigan?

It exists, my friends.  It exists in the mind of Rutgers Al.  And if you've not seen the work of The State University Of New Jersey Al, prepare yourselves.  Here's what he posted on YouTube after their season opening 47-15 loss to Cincinnati, a game that was such a monumental upset that it could only be compared to the Dolphins beating the Bears in 1985.  Seriously.  PICK UP THE SCARLET PHONE, DELANY.