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Nitt Picks And The Fiesta Grew Up Together

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I'll take those odds.  We really are looking at a coin flip for the Fiesta.  Rittenberg has some good quotes from those who run things:

"We've got a long and storied history with Penn State," Alba said. "They've been here six times and are 6-0. We kind of grew up together, in a lot of ways. They were very instrumental in our growth and our development. ... On the other hand, you look at Iowa, and we've never had them. We have no history with them, but they have been on our wish list for many, many years. We've always tried to get them, and for whatever reason, it just never was able to work out. "You look at both universities, and there's appeal on both sides for different reasons."

It all seems very interesting but isn't, and the theme is that Alba is totally uncommitted to anything and wants people to know it.  Iowa isn't taking this quietly (TFJ: BHGP):

As far as our football team, I'm not here to pit us against anyone else, but I think a couple things really stand out. If you look at our team, the way they've competed on the field, the head to head results that we've had, we did beat six Bowl eligible teams. Two of them were non conference games. So we're proud of that certainly. And I thought our guys did a great job taking a very challenging road schedule, and they embraced that with four victories and an overtime defeat at a very, very tough opponent's home field.

So they're sticking with the head-to-head thing, although I'm not sure the Fiesta Bowl people actually care about that.  It at least sets up for a nice "we've been robbed" moment if Iowa is passed on.

And of course all of this is a wash if Nebraska can somehow do the impossible this weekend against Texas.  A Husker win puts the Big Ten decision with the Orange Bowl, in which case I really like our chances or maybe it's all a wash in the OB taking Texas.


Blame games are for losers.  WWAHT launched a strangely timed attack on the Big Ten for not standing up and taking some of the blame that has sent the conference's reputation off a cliff.


His main purpose is refuting this: Ohio State's twin title beatdowns are the sole source of the conference's current woes vis-a-vis national reputation.

But the entire fallout started during the 2006-2007 bowl season.  That was ground zero for this stuff.  And the reason for the quickly launched backlash has a lot to do with the self-importance Ohio State and Michigan displayed during the whole rematch debate.

And you know what else happened that year, the same year Big Ten Hate 1.0 was launched?  Wisconsin and Penn State both won their bowls against SEC schools.  It seems practical to blame everyone for the reputation, and everyone is in fact losing OOC games, but the reality is that reputations are built at the very top, and 2006-2007 is a good example of that. 

The OMG CCG, coming Fall 2030.  So Notre Dame is in a tough spot right now, with the whole Weis thing and the realization that the school's football coaching job seems to be more of a nightmare than a dream job.  That discussion led to a lot of talk about a Fighting Irish decline, which will eventually lead to a 12-team Big Ten conference.

And then, championship game!  Just think of the money!  Wait, what's that Salty Because I Have To Play In The Cold Jim Leavitt?

"How many were [in Tampa for the ACC Championship] last year? Was there a reason it left the Gator Bowl? They lost millions of dollars. How many millions have we lost on it here?"

Leavitt is the last guy I'd want quoting me dollar figures, but it brings up an interesting point: where would the Big Ten play the CCG?  The logical answer is either Chicago or Indianapolis, depending on dome preference, but I'm not sure that's an awesome deal for Penn State.  Every Big Ten school sends thousands of people to Chicago after graduation as the only true metropolis in the region.  Penn State is no Midwest school and therefore does not do this.

(TFJ: DocSat)

In Scores of Other Games.  Thomas thinks, when push comes to shove, the Fiesta has to take Penn State...Orson gets real with the Bowden thing...JayPa picks up his pen as well...and if all this mid-major lobby money serves its purpose, the BCS would just add a seventh AQ rather than give the boot to a current conference...