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Late Games Open Thread

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Games of note:

8 PM - #3 Texas vs. #22 Nebraska - ABC

8 PM - #10 Georgia Tech vs. Clemson - ESPN

8 PM - South Florida at Connecticut - ESPN2

11:30 PM - Wisconsin at Hawaii - ESPN2

On a side editorial, I understand Hawaii is way out west and they have to start the game late, but 11:30 PM ET? That's 10:30 PM Wisconsin time, but it's 6:30 PM Hawaii time. Couldn't they be a little more courteous in scheduling the game a little earlier for Wisconsin fans? Like, say, noon Hawaii time which would be 4 PM Wisconsin time? I understand that means it would compete directly with the SEC championship game, but ESPN and ESPN2 didn't even bother broadcasting any other games in those slots. If I'm a Wisconsin fan, I'm not happy that I have to stay up until 1:30 AM to watch my team play tonight. I suppose this works out for Beilema though. At least if he loses nobody will be awake to see it.</rant>