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Nittany Lion(s) of the Week - THON


The choice for this weeks Nittany Lion of the Week is really a no brainer. It has to go to the 708 dancers, their support groups, the dozens of organizers, the people who stood on cold street corners asking for loose change during their winter break, and everyone else who helped contribute to the Penn State Dance Marathon in any way to raising $7.49 million to help treat childrens cancer. The total amount raised smashed the record that was set last year by $874,815.

THON is the largest student run philathropy organization in the world. The money raised goes toward the Four Diamonds Fund which offsets the costs not covered by health insurance for families afflicted with pediatric cancer.

Thank you to everyone involved in THON from the organizers, to the dancers, to the support groups, to anyone who dropped a quarter in a can. You make us all Penn State proud.

Honorable Mention