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Hold On To Your Hats: Baseball Team Takes On Texas

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So in something you might compare to PSU basketball taking on Duke in Durham four times in three days, the Penn State baseball team continues their early season non-conference schedule against #8 ranked Texas [or #4, your choice really].

While Penn State hopes every year to bring in some talent; Texas often hopes that their recruits will actually sign on rather than simply going pro out of high school. They have six national championships and one as recent as 2005.

So hold on to your seats and let's see what we're made of. Keep the optimism low and, if all else fails, there is always the old "we can't practice in the snow" routine.

The important thing today is how Lorentson rebounds from getting blasted in the season opener.  He's still our Friday starter and it's important that he find his confidence.  His ERA currently sits at 13.50 with a .485 avg against.  Scott Kelley and T.J. Macy take the mound Saturday; if they can continue what they started during the Big East BIG EAST-Big Ten Challenge, it could go a long way to filling what most considered one of Penn State's biggest holes: depth on the mound.  I'm also interested to see how slugger Mike Deese plays against top of the line pitching, his current AVG/OBP/SLG is .583/.667/.667, so yeah, we need more power.