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Attention All BSD Addicts!

 The hardest part is admitting you have a problem.  In this particular case, the next best thing to do is probably further indulge yourself.

BSD is taking the world by air, land, and sea.  Some things currently in operation...

Black Shoe Diaries Is Still Mobile!  We mentioned the details in the fall, but for those of you who have surrendered to the crackberry/iPhone revolution, being away from the office doesn't mean you can't stay updated at:

Plus there is this: are you stuck at the game watching Big Ten propaganda on the JumboTron while a crucial play is being reviewed? Check out the game thread comments. Did you hear which choice word Conley used this time? Let us know in the comments. Have great seats? Attach a picture in the comments.  See what I'm getting at?

Black Shoe Diaries Now Tweets! For those of you who keep tabs on friends and family via Twitter, follow BSDTweet at:

Get a heads-up every time BSD is updated with a front page post, fanpost or fan shot.  We will also experiment with things like score updates, recruiting news and general headlines; there aren't any set plans for these things right now as we are still getting our bearings, but check it out now and we will keep you posted on our future uses.

Black Shoe Diaries Now Books Faces!  The community here continues over at facebook.

And while we are here, don't forget about Black Shoe Shirts & Pants, the official t-shirt store of BSD.  Look for updates to the inventory in the near future.

The BSD staff represents a wide range of online social knowledge and experience, but it's important that you all let us know if you think we are missing the boat on something that could help enhance the site. This is a community after all. Why do you need to take the time to do this? Because BSD will inevitably take over the world, and we are promising titles of nobility to any and all who assist us in speeding up the chore.