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Letter of Intent Day Open Thread

Come to Penn Staaaaate!

[UPDATE 11:30 AM] - Jenkins makes it official to Florida. Letters are in for Stephen Obeng-Agyapong, Eric Shrive, Curtis Dukes, Curtis Drake, Brandon Felder, Mike Wallace, John Urschel, and Jordan Hill. Justin Brown to announce at 2:30 PM.

[UPDATE 11:10 AM] - Jenkins picks Florida at his press conference.  Boo-hoo.

[UPDATE 9:15 AM] - Should have added this at the beginning of the day, but the Washington post is reporting Jelani Jenkins to Florida. So we're 0-for-2 on our tossup recruits so far.

[UPDATE 9:10 AM] - Letters are in for Adam Gress and Christian Kuntz.

[UPDATE 9:00 AM] - I had a breakfast bar and a glass of OJ for breakfast. The commute was terrible getting in. Oh, and Jim Noel is sticking with Boston College. Letters are in for Frank Figueroa, Devon Smith, and Mark Arcidiacono.

The day that all you recruitniks long for is finally here. Soon we'll know for sure who will be wearing the Blue and White for the next four or five years and who our enemy will be. Stay tuned here for updates throughout the day as we get them.

Some key events we know about: Jelani Jenkins will be making his announcement at 11 AM while Justin Brown will be making his choice at 2 PM. There is no word yet on when Jim Noel will make his choice public, but we'll post it here when we hear it.

In the meantime, let's keep a cool head about things. We all know Jenkins could go either way and Brown isn't a lock either. We've got a killer recruiting class with Newsome, Shrive, Drake, Dukes, Hodges, Givens, and all the other kids. And we already have Paul Jones and Mike Hull locked up for the 2010 class so things are pretty peachy in Happy Valley these days. So there's no need to jump off a cliff if Jenkins goes to Florida and Brown picks Rutgers. But if you feel like you need to rip the coaches a new one to make yourself feel better, here are your standard talking points.

  • If only Joe had made an in house visit we could have got him.
  • We'll never recruit like the big boys as long as Joe Paterno is our coach.
  • I blame Jay Paterno. I don't know why, but I'm sure this is his fault somehow.
  • Sue should have gone with the chocolate chip instead of the oatmeal raisin cookies
  • I don't blame him. After watching the Rose Bowl I wouldn't want to play for our crappy defense either.
  • We should be recruiting in Florida and Texas more to get some of that OMG ESSSS EEEEE SEEEEE SPEED

And for those of you who choose to move on past these things and not get caught up in the negativity, here are your talking points

  • He wasn't Penn State material anyway
  • Maybe he had academic problems and the staff backed off of him
  • Now that I look at his tape again, he's not that good
  • I always thought he was overrated
  • We're loaded with talent. We don't need him.
  • If he wants to go play for a lousy no-class school like Rutgers or Florida we don't want him anyway.

Hopefully these will make your letter of intent day experience more enjoyable. We'll all enjoy this class for a few days, and then it'll be time to start looking ahead to the class of 2010. Recruiting never stops.