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As The Blogdome Turns: Big Ten Recruiting Review


With the 2009 recruiting season more or less over, it's worth a quick look at how the team-specific blogdome reacted to their list of future players.

The Big Ten was top heavy as usual. Ohio State pulled what Scout calls the #1 class in the country (Rivals calls it #3).  After that it is up to the reader to decide how the order goes.  Michigan is the next Big Ten team on the list for Rivals, but Scout liked Penn State's class better. Either way it was a decent day for the top three name brands in the conference.  As for some internal reaction...

  • Illinois continued their celebration of Zookapalooza, although they lost out to some last minute snake oil when verbal wide receiver Kraig Appleton signed with Wisconsin.
  • Indiana had its class signed by 11:15am, and it's either interesting or extremely normal to note that 17 of the 18 signees were dual sport athletes in high school.
  • Michigan's class is well documented on the 45 related blogs, but for those interested Michigan Sports Center has charts and MGoBlog has your guest posted communist take (via WLA, of course).
  • Minnesota locked down their home state, apparently, although no word on how southern recruits took the news that The U will be playing outdoors starting next year.
  • Purdue took a more wide open approach: 70% of their class is from Florida and Boiled Sports notes that this is the first time since 1975 that the school did not sign a player from the state of Indiana.
  • LTP has a short post on Northwestern's class, which comes in at #69 on Scout. They landed their first four-star recruit since 2002.
  • Ohio State had a mostly disappointing signing day, missing out on wide receiver Marlon Brown and losing athlete Justin Green to Illinois snake oil.  They still had an elite recruiting season, though, and 11W has a guest speaker look at the list.
  • Bucky's 5th Quarter doubts Bielema's claim that not one single verbal commit "waffled" after their 7-6 season.