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Do As We Do, Not As We Say

 Southeastern Conference Commissioner and NCAA Selection Committee chair Mike Slive on CBS after the bracket was released:

There are two key things said there; they looked at:

  • "your entire body of work"
  • "teams that played away and won against top teams in the country"

As generic as those words are, keep in mind it is a direct response to why Penn State didn't make it into the tournament.

So Penn State must have been excluded because they didn't go out, schedule, and beat a "top team" on the road this year. But these teams must have because they did make the tournament:

[charts! charts! charts! after the jump]

[for arguments sake let's call a "top" team one that is in KenPom's top 25]

Team OOC Road Games (KenPom, result) Wins @ "Top Team"
Arizona Texas A&M (52, L), UNLV (69, L)


Minnesota* Colorado State (117, W)


Wisconsin Virginia Tech (57, W), Marquette (20, L)


Dayton* Akron (83, W), Creighton (67, L)


Maryland (none)


Penn State Penn (269, W), Georgia Tech (88, W)


*Minnesota had a neutral court, note NOT road, win against Louisville (4), which isn't technically relevant but definitely worth mentioning.  Dayton's neutral court win over Marquette (20) also probably qualifies as for this footnote.

Uhhh, nevermind I guess?

Wait a minute though, he never explicitly said out of conference road wins, and since no one in the table above distinguished themselves out of the league he must have meant all road wins against "top" teams.  So in-league:

Team League Road Wins (KenPom, result) Wins @ "Top Team"
Arizona @ ORST (123), @ ORE (154) zero
Minnesota @ IOWA (89), @ WIS (30), @ IU (214) zero
Wisconsin @ MICH (49), @ PSU (78), @ IU (214) zero
Dayton @ DUQ (87), @ GW (187), @ La Salle (108), zero
Maryland @ GT (88), @ NCST (77) zero
Penn State @ MSU (13), @ ILL (23), @ IU (214) two

New bullet:

  • Mike Slive is crazy. The NCAA Selection Committee doesn't understand what the word "message" means.