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Penn State Advances to NIT Final Four


This team doesn't know when to quit. They don't understand that they are supposed to be slow and nonathletic. They don't understand they are hurt and tired. They don't understand that Penn State basketball was supposed to end their season two months ago so as not to take attention away from spring practice in football. They don't understand that they aren't supposed to go into Florida and beat the team that won back-to-back national championships a few years ago by nine points. They don't understand that when you choke a ten point lead away into a two point lead in the final minutes in a hostile environment you are supposed to roll over and die.

But this team does understand two things. They understand that nobody believes in them, and they understand that they hate to lose.

I love this team. How many times have we thought the game was lost or the season was over just to see them prove us wrong? How many miracles have we had this season? There were the road wins in East Lansing and Champagne. There was the frantic comeback in the final minutes against Iowa. Battle's last second shot against Illinois. His other last second shot against George Mason. Last night I thought we would play well, but probably come out with a five or ten point loss. And I would have been happy with that because it has still been an amazing season in this renaissance period of Penn State basketball. But once again they proved me wrong and we'll get to watch this team we love at least one more time.