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Nitt Picks is Not Wearing Pads Yet

The football team hosted the media for the unofficial kickoff to spring practice last friday, so there was a ton of good reading material over the weekend. Let's sort through it all. There's lots of good stuff in these links besides the bit I quote, so check them out.

Blog, Sweat and Tears says that according to Daryll Clark, none of the receivers have stepped up yet.

- Daryll Clark said that none of the receivers have stepped forward so far in workouts. Guaranteed, he meant that as a compliment, that the likes of Graham Zug, Brett Brackett, Derek Moye and Chaz Powell all are running neck and neck. Later on in his talk, he reserved his highest praise for Brackett. But the guy who has worked with the receivers most extensively so far still seems to be waiting for a breakout performance.

Lions Eyes says Paterno's presser was a bunch of "gobblety goop", but Sean Lee says Paterno has made this a brutal winter session.

"This was probably the longest winter workout I've been a part of since I've been here," the fifth-year senior said. "[Paterno] wants us to be the same kind of team."

Lions Eyes then goes on to offer his observations on the offensive depth chart and his press conference notes.

Read Between the Lions suggests Colin Wagner is the leader to take over for Kevin Kelly and the kicking duties.

Colin Wagner appears to be the starter right now at kicker, Paterno didn’t mention anyone like Anthony Fera or David Soldner by name, but said everyone right now has to beat out Wagner.

The Post Gazette reports the team was none too happy with the way USC was showboating during the second quarter of the Rose Bowl.

"We got yelled at pretty good at halftime. The coaches didn't really like how [USC] was acting on the sideline, with the dancing and showboating and everything. It was really kind of a slap in our face."

The Tribune Review has your classic Paterno soundbite.

Paterno, though, squirmed nearly every time a question was posed about him or his team.

"I haven't got a lot of time," he said, his eyes darting around the room. "I don't even know why we're having a press conference. Why do you guys want to come up here and have me give you gobblety-goop? I gotta go."

Bob Flounders rightfully points out the secondary is the biggest concern on this team, and Paterno even acknowledged as much.

Paterno talked about all of the above but late in his news conference, he made it clear what the team's priority is this spring.

"We gotta get a secondary,'' Paterno said. "We gotta get a secondary that can stand on its own two feet.''

Corner A.J. Wallace and safety Drew Astorino, last year's nickel back, will likely be two of the starters, but PSU still needs another corner and a safety.

Flounders and Jeff McLane offer their observations, but were too lazy to write them down so they had an intern hold a camera and post it on Penn Live.

Penn State spring practice recap

Then there is this interview with Sean Lee.


Penn State LB Sean Lee