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The Final Threadageddon

It's been a hell of a ride, but tonight it ends. Every year there are only two teams in the country that go to the post season and end their year with a win. Penn State has the opportunity to be one of those teams tonight with a win over the Bears of Baylor. Though it's not as impressive as winning the NCAA championship, it has still been an impressive run through some good teams on their way to the NIT championship game. Just think, if Penn State wins tonight we'll be able to use the words "Penn State" and "Champions" in the same sentence. I never thought I would see the day when Penn State would win a championship in anything in basketball, yet here we are one win away. What a great way to send out Danny Morrissey, Stanley Pringle, and Jamelle Cornley.

The game will be televised at 7 PM ET on ESPN.

Go State. Beat Baylor. And bring home the championship.