I'm sorry, this is really stupid, but I couldn't resist

I rise to gradulate my University of Pennsylvania State men's basketball team for winning they first NIT NC double double A Division 1 championship and for winning the Big Ten third NIT in last tens years.

I want to gradulate my University of Pennsylvania Lion for being best academic, and also the sport school. Go Lion.

Gradulations to Tim Curley, who great leadership took Lions to NIT.

Gradulations to Coach Ed Cello, for coaching team to final and win.

Gradulations to Talor Battle, who led Lion under malice and pressure like none else in basket game.

Gradulations to Stanleys Pringles, who ball handling is like none else in games.

Gradulations to Danny Morris, who earned great nicknames like from announcer.

Gradulations to Coach Lewis Perston, who's help make Andrew Jones make defense plays like I have not seen.

Gradulations to Smash Cornley, who gusty play gave him MVP in mine book.

It is clear that the Pennsylvania State Universe team is superior to any men team in our conference and NIT.

1,2,3,4,5, them Lions don't take no jive.

Go Lion.

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