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Judge Wags Finger, Extends Bowman's Probation

Not terribly surprising:

Penn State linebacker Navorro Bowman will serve an additional year of probation after admitting to probation officers that he had smoked marijuana at least twice, Centre County Judge Bradley P. Lunsford ruled.

Bowman, who has a month left to serve on his sentence of one year's probation for disorderly conduct, appeared before Lunsford for a probation revocation hearing this morning prompted by his admission to probation officers that he had used drugs.

Lunsford warned him that another violation would result in Bowman serving jail time.


And if you haven't seen it already, please take a look at this.

Update -- Another account from  His Honor was not screwing around.

“I will not be back here,” Bowman said shortly before Judge Bradley Lunsford issued his decision on the case.

“This is a promise,” Lunsford said in handing down his decision. “If you violate any condition of this (sentence), you will be incarcerated for a period of six months.”


Lunsford added, “I want you to succeed, I want you to be a leader in the community. … At this point, I'm not sure you're headed in that direction.”

Lunsford then made his ruling, which included the following:

• Bowman must pay costs associated with the hearing.

• Bowman must undergo immediate testing to see if he is a drug or alcohol abuser. He must refrain from using alcohol for one year. He must avoid going in bars for one year. He must also undergo monthly drug tests.

• Bowman must serve 12 more months of probation.

• If any of the terms of probation are broken, Bowman will be jailed for six months.

Update #2 -- Oh, and pay your parking tickets, man.