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Gradulations, You Made The Front Page!

Because nobody demanded it, we're going to try a new feature rounding up your contributions to Black Shoe Diaries in the fanposts and fanshots.  Feel free to come up with a good name for it, I'm dead above the neck this morning.


Pete the Streak flags an item about our mid-90's cheerleading squad, which can essentially be described as, "you've got spirit, YES YOU DO."

whiteoutonly notices another victim of the BSD April Fools' joke (full confession, when I saw it pre-coffee, my heart also sank.  But I'm a sucker that will fall for anything.  Seriously.)

And speaking of April Fools', Brett Brown catches a good one.  Best two coaches in the Big Ten?  Kirk Ferentz and Rich Rodriguez, according to Tom Dienhart.

Mr. Rosewater has fun with the transitive property of basketball

InScoresOfOtherGames suggests A.J. Wallace to offense.

JGuiher says it's official -- Troy Sunderland is out as PSU wrestling coach.

rmcmillen50 beats us to the punch, and notices that Jay Paterno is on Twitter.  Further proof that we're a society more interested in broadcasting our lives than living them?

"Official White Out Shirt"?  baronlion should know better.  White Out shirts should only be purchased through Black Shoe Shirts and Pants.  Less corporate logos for you to wear, and more money for us to buy Funyuns.

Finally, gradulations to Reading Rambler.