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This Is What You've Won: Tim Frazier Soars and Scores

Continuing today's YouTubeness, there's a good chance that you've already seen 2009 Penn State basketball recruit Tim Frazier dunking over some poor, unsuspecting soul.  But in case you missed it:


#23 Tim Frazier "THE DUNK" 2009 (with sound) (via 30coach6)


Previous versions didn't have sound, so this is a nice YouTube surprise.  That play deserves the hundreds of OHHH!'s it received.  The bonus, however, appears to be this much longer clip of Strake Jesuit highlights...after the jump.



This clip is set to a swear-heavy Ludacris track, so be advised.


Strake Jesuit Basketball 08-09 Highlights (via diqsa)


For his posterizing, he received the Best Slammer award from a local TV station (along with a short interview toward the end of the clip).

Even better news about Frazier --, which operates under the Rivals empire, recently ranked him as the #1 senior in the entire state.  The site is premium, but you can see some of the running commentary about the ranking over at