Game Times Announced

[Buda-bump -KHD] I can't believe I got this from JayPa's twitter but apparently Iowa will be a night game [8:00pm -ed] and NW will be an evening game [4:30pm -ed]. Most importantly, apparently there is a new B10 rule outlawing November night games meaning OSU-PSU will be an afternoon or evening game. SHAME! [Update: So it looks like JayPa pulled the tweet, I suspect because it either (1) wasn't official and shouldn't have been announced, or (2) wasn't official and has been changed, or (3) both. I emailed a PR contact at the Big Ten and received word that the conference has not yet announced any game times but probably will by next week. A curious development in the whole twitter-is-news-beat-writing-is-dying saga. -KHD]