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Penn State Names 2009 Team Captains

Thanks to JayTweet we know that the first summer session got underway this week. And the first order of business was electing team captains. Today it was announced that your 2009 Penn State Nittany Lion team captains will be quarterback Daryll Clark and linebacker Sean Lee.

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - A pair of Penn State standouts, quarterback Daryll Clark and linebacker Sean Lee, have been elected co-captains of the 2009 Penn State football team.

Clark, from Youngstown, Ohio, and Lee were elected by their teammates at the end of the spring semester, following completion of spring practice. The first summer academic session began on Monday on the University Park campus.

There are absolutely no complaints here at BSD. These are two excellent choices.

Sean Lee has been a consistently hard worker and was even named an honorary captain last season after tearing his ACL in the spring.

Daryll Clark is the face of the 2009 Nittany Lions. He is one of only two seniors starting on offense and makes a no-brainer choice.

If I have one concern it's that we only have two captains. Maybe it's just me, but I'm of the belief the more captains the better. You can never have too much leadership, and historically the more leadership Penn State has on the team the better they perform.

Again, I'm thrilled with the choice of Lee and Clark, but I'm wondering why guys like Dennis Landolt, Mickey Shuler, Jerome Hayes, and Jared Odrick weren't worthy of the Big C?