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Here We Go Again

I think this speaks for itself.

Penn State University police searched the apartment where four football players reside on campus the night of the spring Blue/White game April 25, court papers say.

According to an application for a search warrant, police wrote that around 11:10 April 25, university police responded to apartment 4103 in the Nittany Apartments complex on campus to assist residence life with dispersing a loud party.

As soon as they entered the apartment, police say they could see marijuana "in plain view" in the kitchen and smell it throughout the apartment.

Why? Why can't Penn State football players seem to avoid getting high? Can someone explain this to me?

I can't wait to see the fallout from this.

UPDATE: FOS says come down off the ledge. The online campus directory the Collegian was looking at was out of date. Daryll Clark does not live in the apartment in question.

Monday's lesson of the day: one can never trust the online version of Penn State's student directory.

That became evident Monday afternoon, when the Centre Daily Times broke a story that Penn State police spotted marijuana in an on-campus apartment April 25, the night of PSU's annual Blue-White Game. The CDT report said four Nittany Lion players lived at the apartment. No names were mentioned by the paper, but the apartment number was.

It took diligent fans about 30 seconds to use Penn State's online student directory to link senior All-Big Ten quarterback Daryll Clark's name to the story. In the directory, Clark is (or was) listed as living at the same apartment where the marijuana was allegedly seen.

The good news for Clark was that he no longer lived at the apartment, having moved out following the fall semester. The directory just had not been updated. He was advised to call the office of the registrar to update his info ASAP.