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Nitt Picks is Smokin' and Streakin'

Many of you are probably aware by now, but the apartment that was raided over Blue-White weekend was not Daryll Clark's apartment. It was, however, the apartment of some other guys.

An application for search warrant, signed early April 26, identifies the apartment residents as Stephfon Green, Devon Still, Eric Latimore and Johnnie Troutman. None of the players has been charged, and the results of the seizure are scheduled to be released today.

Obviously this is not good if these players are involved. Green is the backup running back to Evan Royster. It would be a loss, but not huge as we have plenty of bodies at running back. Still and Latimore are looking at backup positions on the defensive line but figure to be steady contributors in the rotation. Troutman appears to have the starting left guard position nailed down coming out of spring practice. So that would be a loss, but from what I'm hearing none of this is going to be a big deal as the marijuana in question has yet to be linked to any of the players.

For your daily incoherent rant we now turn to The Nittany Line.

Oh, so it was a loud party…. With FIRE ALARMS GOING OFF!!!! WTF?!? Who is so Goddamned stupid to sit around smoking pot while fire alarms are going off?!?!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Nitt Picks.

There are a couple fluff articles out there this morning on Penn State's newest verbal commitment from Luke Graham. First the Tribune points out he is a very good student.

Penn State should not have to worry about Graham's academics -- he carries a 4.15 QPA and has scored 1,750 on his SATs.

Then there is a rather short article in the Post Gazette that features an interesting quote.

"I've always liked Penn State," said Graham. "I looked around a little bit at some other schools. I was thinking about Virginia and Stanford, but I realized Penn State is where I need to be."

In other news, the Mens Volleyball team is just two wins away from defending their 2008 National Championship with a repeat title.

Defending champion Penn State earned a No. 2 seed in the NCAA men's volleyball tournament and will face third-seeded Southern California in the semifinals Thursday night in Provo, Utah.

Penn State (27-3) won its 11th consecutive Eastern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association championship Saturday by beating Juniata, 3-0 (30-25, 30-19, 30-21) to advance to the NCAA tournament.

Penn State and Southern California (20-1) will meet at 9 p.m. in the first semifinal match. Top-seeded California-Irvine (25-5), ranked No. 1 in Division I, faces fourth-seeded Ohio State (16-10) at 11 p.m. in the second match.

The winners will meet in the championship match at 7 p.m. Saturday.

I feel bad that we haven't offered the men as much coverage as the women got last fall. I blame the basketball team for diverting our attention. Also the fact that they aren't 6' 3" women with athletic bodies in spandex getting all sweaty and constantly slapping each other on their tight asses. That would probably help their cause. I'm just sayin'.

What I want to know is, how the heck does Ohio State get a #4 seed with ten losses? I mean, they're only six games over 0.500? Is there some kind of crazy BCS computer ranking going on here? I smell a Buckeye conspiracy here. Who did they have to beat? St. Catherine's School for Little People and Midgets?

In Scores of Other Games

  • The Mifflin Streak went on without a hitch. No arrests this year.
  • JayPa is now running a blog because his thoughts are too numerous to be limited to 146 characters on twitter. Personally I'm looking forward to reading his views on the role of a fullback in the spread offense and the United State's role in international trade in an ever-changing global economy.
  • Also, here is a nice article on Silas Redd.