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Oh No! Pitt Sucks Again!

What a great recruiting season it has been for Penn State. What has made it even sweeter has been watching our little brother to the southwest strikeout on their top targets time and time again.

So this week I was disappointed to see a little life breathed into Pitt fans when they got a verbal commitment from T.J. Clemmings. Of course the message boards spun it around to sound like they stole one from Penn State, but I can't find any evidence that the kid even had an offer from us. But it was cute to see the sPitters rejoicing in their own greatness again.

Which makes it all the more sweeter to see today that no, sorry, T.J. Clemmings is not quite a Panther yet.

Paterson Catholic defensive lineman Trevor "T.J." Clemmings is not committed to Pitt, according to PC head coach Benjie Wimberly.

"He went out there and made a hasty decision [to commit] without any input from his parents or me," Wimberly said Monday night. "He’s going to rethink it and continue the recruiting process."

Pitt message board meltdown in 3...2...1...

F his F'in coach, what a D-bag.  I am sick of this crazy recruiting season.
BTW, if I'm Wanny, I schedule two meetings, the first one with TJ and his family.  Wanny should let them know that he will continue to recruit TJ hard and that he thinks Pitt is the best place for TJ, both academically and athletically.  He should tell them that he understands that they want to look around and he is supportive of TJ finding the best place for him.

The second meeting is with the HS coach, and Wanny should bring Bennett or Gattusso or any other large member of the Pitt coaching staff (perhaps Buddy Morris).  Wanny should make sure it is a closed door meeting and I would tell the HS coach that if he does anything to steer the kid away from Pitt, that Wanny will ruin the man professionally and personally.  Wanny should also let the HS coach that he will be checking in with TJ each week to find out if the HS coach has been bad mouthing Pitt to TJ.  Of course, this is in an ideal world.
I am getting sick of this ****.   Is there a coach who actually wants his kids to go to Pitt?  I mean, it is a great school, it only has the single best player in the NFL as an alum, it has the best defensive back in the league as an alum and the best young OL in the NFL as an alum.   You can do alot worse than this.   I am so ******* sick of this crap.  Just pay the kid and his coaches like most other schools do and be done with it.
wow i am pissed off now.
After reading the coach's comments and if the kid decommits, I am going to think the coach is on the payroll wherever Clemmings commits.

our crap conference, our crap attendance, our crap records under wannstedt will rear their ugly heads once again.

We aren't Florida or USC...