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Commit #9: DT Evan Hailes




It's Dat Woo Woooooo

Fight On State reports that Virginia DT Evan Hailes (6'2", 310 lbs, four star on both Rivals and Scout) has joined the recruiting class of 2009-10.  Here's what you've won, according to ESPN:

Hailes is one big dude. He lacks ideal height on paper, but on film he looks like a massive kid with a bunch of bulk packed on his frame. For the most part he is a space eater that can plant himself in a gap and gobble up action that comes his way, but you can't be too fast to judge this big boy. He is not consistent, but flashes good quickness off the ball and will shock you how quickly he can get moving at times. When he can get to the shoulder of a blocker he can plow his way into the backfield. He does a good job of being able to get into gap and stay square. He moves well laterally between the tackles and can be disruptive player. When he brings his hands he can deliver a pop and knock a blocker on his heels. He tends to play high and can let blockers get into his chest, but even still he is tough to move backwards. Tries to engulf ball carries around the neck, but overall a serviceable tackler. Hustles around, but this kid is built to just do damage between the tackles. Can provide pressure as a pass rusher. He can bull rush and collapse pocket. When he gets to half-a-man he will try and work a move and he can be troublesome when he can get to the hip of the blocker. Hailes is a big kid who at the root of it all is a two-gap run stuffer, but there is some more to his game and if he watches his weight he can give you solid reps with some disruption and big plays peppered in.


Something tells me that Larry Johnson, Sr. can do wonders with a kid like this.  Just a hunch.  He's another guy who will have to watch his diet and work hard in the weight room -- he's not exactly a physical specimen right now (maybe that's an old picture, who knows) -- but the potential is certainly there.  

He's definitely quicker than you'd think:

Evan Hailes 2009 US Army All American National Combine (via nbkuk15)