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Perfect Ten: Come On Down, DaQuan Jones


Hard to keep up with all of this, because we may not be done yet.  Binghamton, New York area offensive lineman DaQuan Jones (6'4", 300 lb., Scout four-star, Rivals three-star) has also chosen Penn State.  ESPN says:

Jones plays on both sides of the ball; at OLB and OT. He has the size for both positions at the major level of competition. Flashes upper body explosion and good hand shiver; able to defeat the one on one block but lacks agility in space; displays sure tackling ability. We feel he is a better prospect at offensive guard where he can use his size and playing strength as a run blocker. Displays a little lower body stiffness in space but comes off the ball with quickness and explosion. Plays with a flat back and good leg drive; gets movement in single blocking situations, can move to the 2nd level and play on his feet vs. linebackers. Can pull and trap; good out of his stance, turns up field and finds defenders in the open field with power and explosion at the point of attack. This is an aggressive tough run blocker who looks for 2nd defenders downfield and finishes blocks with authority. Have yet to see him in pass protection; will need work but displays enough balance, agility and flexibility to make us feel he can succeed in this area. Jones is a solid strong football player who will not be an immediate starter or impact player. Time and a red shirt year will give him the opportunity to develop both his athletic and physical skills. Eventually he should become a solid starter at the BCS level of competition.

A good day to be a Nittany Lion fan, and a caution to the foot-draggers among the currently recruited -- this class is filling up quickly.