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Commit #11: Levi Norwood

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Gimme a team full of Norwoods and a wooo!

A little late-night news, as wide receiver Levi Norwood has officially committed to Penn State:

After spending last weekend at Penn State's senior-only camp and receiving an offer, Norwood called Lion receivers' coach Mike McQueary Wednesday to inform him that he was committing.


Norwood, the younger brother of former PSU standout receiver Jordan Norwood and the son of former Lion assistant Brian Norwood, said there was really never any question about where he would play his college ball.


"Pretty much growing up there and having my brother go there and always being around Penn State, I always wanted to go there," Levi said. "It was easy for me."


Norwood did not play football at Midway High last fall after transferring from State College High. But he has been working out with the football team at Midway this off-season and reportedly turned in a strong performance at PSU's senior camp. Norwood said no decision has been made on whether he will grayshirt.


Levi is already 6'2", so he's a bigger target than his brother Jordan, and apparently caught everything thrown in his area during the recent camp.  And hell, he's a Norwood.  Great bloodlines, coach's son, knows what it takes to succeed in a major collegiate program.  People will complain and write things like, "zOMG HE'S ONLY A NEGATIVE THREE STAR PLAYER!11ONE!"  These people are morons, because (1) there's the strong possibility that Levi will grayshirt, and won't even count against the limited available scholarship count for the current recruiting class, and (2) after what Jordan accomplished here, Levi clearly deserves a lot of slack.

Jordan Norwood - Cleveland Browns - Draft Video Profile (via Draftguysdotcom)