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Penn State Lift For Life Recap

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Yesterday was the annual Lift for Life at Holuba Hall, and the Penn State players teamed up to set a new record for money raised for kidney cancer treatment and research.

The Seventh Annual Uplifting Athletes "Lift for Life" event held Friday at Holuba Hall was another unprecedented success with large crowds and a record total of more than $81,000 raised for the Kidney Cancer Association. The event has now raised nearly $400,000 in its seven years of existence.


Kudos to Brett Brackett who serves as the president of the Penn State Chapter of Uplifting Athletes for putting together this great event.

"In the past seven years, they've developed three new treatments for kidney cancer, in that time we've raised over $300,000," Brackett said. "We take pride and like to think we've played a little bit of a part in that happening.

"One of the cool things is that we look back and see who's donated in years past and the majority of the people that have donated in years past continue to donate. I think they just have such a great feel for what we do, they know the money's going toward a good thing, and with the economy the way it is, people aren't going to donate to something they're not confident in."

Team LBU consisting of Sean Lee, Navorro Bowman, Josh Hull, and Mickey Shuler won the competition. Behold as Lord Zug explains why Team LBU performed so well.

Still, some players are more cut out for the challenge than others.

"The linebackers," said 178-pound wide receiver Graham Zug, with little hesitation. "They’re big, strong and fast. Being big, strong and fast usually helps you out a lot. Being a receiver, not as much. It’s tough for smaller guys who can’t carry as much."

Zug's team finished third. Regretfully, his teammates were instantly vaporized. Chris Colasanti, James McDonald, and Kevin Newsome will be missed.

The other benefit of the Lift for Life is that it gives the media a chance to interview the players which gives us some good football-related reading material in the middle of July. Here are some of the more interesting articles I've come across.