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Nitt Picks Is Ignoring His Honey Do List

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If the wife had her druthers I would be hanging curtains in the master bathroom right now, but I'm a man. I'm 35 years old. I do what I want to do. I'll get to the curtains as soon as this Nitt Picks is finished, or as soon as she gets back from Target with more curtain rods to hang. Whichever comes first.

There's still some good stuff leaking out from the Lift for Life event on Friday, and Donnie Collins from Blog Sweat & Tears is knocking it out of the park. First he gives us a bunch of his impressions and tells a hilarious story from about five years ago when they set up a mock LFL for media members to get a taste of what it's like. Collins was one of ten guys to give it a shot, and it was harder than he thought.

At the time, I considered myself a man in really great shape. I was in the gym every night at work. I was as strong as I had ever been. And I looked at the stations and what was being asked of us and thought, "No problem." Well, the first event was the leg press. I forget what number I did, but I'm sure it was the best score among the competitiors. The next event, we carried 45-pound plates for as long as we could, back and fourth across the gym.

By the third event, I wished I had never been born.

By the last one, which was the versaclimber, I couldn't even feel my legs. If I had my choice, I'd have quit after about 15 seconds. I forget who it was -- be it John Thomas or one of the players -- pretty much demanded I go for a minute. I did, and then as I collapsed to the ground like a sack of potatoes falling into a grocery cart, whoever was there spotting said to me, "You know, you can throw up if you want. It happens a lot. Perfectly natural." I didn't, which I guess I'm proud of.

On top of that entertaining read, BS&T offers up a bunch of audio interviews you should really take the time to listen to.

Jack Crawford talks about how he went from playing basketball and boxing in Great Britain to becoming a football star in America.

Knowledge Timmons talks about the state of State's secondary.

Matt McGloin says he's ready to be the backup quarterback.

And finally, Stephfon Green talks as fast as he runs.

In other news, the Reading Eagle has an exclusive interview with Joe Paterno worth the read. I especially liked reading this part. (Emphasis mine)

I still got that Southern Cal loss in my craw. We didn't play well, and we didn't coach well. I don't think we did a good job out there. There were some extenuating circumstances. Cry said the wolf. No, I'm not content. The minute you get content, you better get out of it. The other guy's not sitting around feeling sorry for me. I'm looking forward to a tough season. I like our team. We have a long way to go. We have a lot of hard work ahead.

It's pretty rare to see Joe Paterno say he likes his team in July. In fact I can only think of two occasions when Joe Paterno has talked so highly of his team before the season started. The first was in 1994, and the other was last year. The master of motivation usually likes to downplay his strengths and focus on his weaknesses when talking to the media. I take this to be a very good sign for 2009.

In basketball news, the CDT does an article talking about PSU basketball commit Taran Buie and the amazing summer he's having playing against some of the best college and NBA players in the country.

Now if you will excuse me, I think I just heard the garage door open.