I got Stephen Obeng-Agyapong to smile. This is not a joke.

So I was enjoying myself at Arts Fest this year, and did what any good PSU student/alum does when they get hungry around midnight: go to Canyon Pizza. However, while I was in like there, I came across someone who looked very familiar....

I figured I'd be sly about asking who he was:

"Hey dude, are you Stephen... Oboya... Okay, I'll be honest, I can't pronounce your last name, but I know you're a safety"

"It's cool man, nobody can pronounce it."



AND THEN, he smiled (sort of). Night complete, right?

NOPE. I turn to his friend and ask, hey, are you on the team too?

He replies, "i will be, i'm silas redd" at which point I spill to him that I have a man-crush on his highlight video, which he actually thinks is awesome.



Slightly better quality on that one (shows off his massive guns better). And THEN, THIS happened for breakfast:



This is why my Arts Fest was better than yours. (Mostly this last part, though.)

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