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And They Say WE'RE The Delusional Ones

Whenever something from the Bleacher Report pops up on my Google Alerts I go read it just for the entertainment value. I rarely link to any of the garbage they put out, but sometimes you get some so ridiculous I bring them up for a good laugh. Let's give this one titled Looking Back, Looking Head: Ohio State vs. Penn State the Joe Morgan treatment.

To all PSU fans that think you had the better team and that you dominated and beat Ohio State in Columbus in 2008, and those who say Ohio State was never close to winning that game.

You are truly convinced of that because you think PSU was the better team, but you are all wrong!

Way to set up the straw man so you can knock him down. I would appreciate a link to any PSU blogger or even a raving lunatic on a message board that thinks Penn State "dominated" or suggested that Ohio State was "never close to winning that game." Ohio State carried a 6-3 lead into the fourth quarter and was driving for another score before the Pryor fumble. What person in his right mind would think Penn State dominated the game?

I'm sure you all remember when Pryor fumbled and then PSU scored what ultimately was the game winning TD, right?

Here are two things you may not know about that play.

Again with the straw man. Just get on with it already.

No. 1—It was 3rd and 1 and Pryor was supposed to run up the middle or off tackle and just get the first down, but instead he saw an opening and tried to break a big one.

Yes, we already knew that Terrelle Pryor made a bad decision and tried to break the game open rather than just do the smart thing and get the first down. But go on.

No. 2—You are so lucky he barely fumbled the ball PSU fans.

Ok first of all, how does one "barely" fumble the ball? He either does or he doesn't, and Pryor did. And besides, I prefer to think of it as Mark Rubin making a great play and poking the ball loose. (Did you know Mark Rubin beat Michael Phelps in swimming?)

Here is a screenshot of the exact moment when he lost control of the ball.

Please take note of the field from where he is and then look down field all the way to the endzone.

Had he not fumbled, there is no doubt he would have scored on that play.

There's a screenshot there of the play, and to me it looks like Pryor's momentum has been slowed by Rubin. He's moving toward the sideline with Anthony Scirrotto and Lydell Sargeant closing in fast. But yeah, I guess if I look at it through Scarlett and Gray glasses HE'S TOTALLY GOING TO THE HOUSE DUDE!!!1!!!ONE!!!

Seriously, thank your lucky stars that your team lucked into a win over the Buckeyes.

Were we also lucky later in the fourth quarter? I seem to recall the Buckeyes were driving in the final minutes with a chance to tie it up. That was before Pryor threw that wounded duck of a pass that Lydell Sargeant picked off in the endzone. Or maybe he barely threw a wounded duck that Sargeant barely picked off. I forget. I didn't see the replay because I was running around the house screaming F@&K YEAH!!!

I suppose we were also lucky to mount those two final scoring drives with our backup quarterback. Lady luck sure was shining on us that day indeed.

They will not be so fortunate this season. That's right, I'm already letting you know that Ohio State WILL win in Happy Valley this coming season.

 We have been warned. Oooooo....

I know some of you like to mouth off that you played better vs. USC.

Actually, we did. Ohio State was never in that game and lost 35-3. Penn State had one bad quarter but was competitive throughout the rest of the game only losing 38-24. Last time I checked 32>14.

Well either way, (BSD - So you're saying I'm right!) it was a thumping at the hands of Trojans and your team was completely healthy, and all your best players were on the field.

He's right there. We had all of our best players. Except for Evan Royster who got injured in the first quarter and didn't return. And his backup Stephfon Green who broke his ankle later on. Oh, and also Sean Lee, our best linebacker. But other than that, we were completely healthy.

But missing our best player didn't seem to hurt us in the fourth quarter against the Buckeyes, did it?

Remember, Ohio State lost to USC in Los Angeles (not Pasadena) without Beanie Wells and with Todd Boeckman at QB.

Los Angeles vs. Pasadena? Seriously? That's like saying let's play the next game against the Buckeyes and the Nittany Lions in Dublin, OH and call it a neutral field. You can't be that obtuse, can you?

And you're complaining about having to play with Todd Boeckman? The same Todd Boeckman that torched Penn State in Happy Valley in 2007 and took you to the national championship game? Yeah. He sucks.

Let's just close this out with more idle threats and call it a day.

Your "We are, State Penn" chant won't save you and it is a day game. 

So sorry Nits, there will be no night game whiteout either to help your clawless lions.

This year the young but mighty and talented Buckeyes are going to bring you back to reality and best of all, on your own field!

I prefer to think of it this way: We beat you by seven points in front of a hostile crowd in a night game. Imagine what we'll do to you on our own field.

This whole article smells like sour grapes. "Boo-hoo we had the better team and should have won." And it's full of idle threats with poor gramar and punctuation. I suppose that makes it perfect for the Bleacher Report.

I look forward to November.