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The Revival Tent Smells Like Bacon

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The power of Jack Crawford compels you!


Rounding up the best of your fanposts and fanshots...

A hearty hello from a Nittany Lion fan deployed in Baghdad.  [afields16]

Colin Cowherd and JayPa team up for a Jimmy V auction.  [speedomike]

More joyous harassment of our man Stephen Obeng-Agyapong. [psuwxman]

It's go time, season ticket holders. [runlikeanantelope]

Our collective greatest fear for the 2009 season. [joefromboalsburg]

One of mankind's most fantastic achievements -- bacon ice cream. [PSU_Doc]

Never too late for fun with Obamicons. [ReadingRambler]

The PSU quarterback recruits who got away. [QBsneak12]

Fathead creates a Beaver Stadium product.  Meh.  [bconway6]

Opposite Day? [fugimaster24]