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Penn State Receiver Charged With DUI

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Fight on State is reporting that Penn State wide receiver James McDonald has been charged with DUI.

According to papers filed in Centre Country Monday, Penn State senior receiver James McDonald has been charged with DUI.

The date of the alleged infraction is not listed on the criminal docket report.

But the report indicated that the alleged infraction took place in State College Boro. The arresting officer was a member of the State College police force.

According to the report, McDonald has a blood alcohol level of between .08 and .10 at the time he was pulled over.

As far as the effect on the 2009 season, this has zero impact. McDonald is a fifth year senior with six career catches. He's been in and out of Joe's doghouse his entire career and has even been suspended in the past. If suspended, he will not be missed.

It's a shame to see someone's career destroyed over what basically amounts to a beer and a half, but Mr. McDonald may be at the end of his rope on this one. As I mentioned, he's been less than the model student athlete in the past, and Penn State is also facing a numbers crunch as they have to shed three or four people to get under the 85-man scholarship limit in time for the fall. Mr. McDonald may have just volunteered to take a bullet in that regard. Especially if he already has his degree.

The worst part about this is it will give more fuel to the fire for those who want to keep saying Joe Paterno has lost control of the team. I'm sure people like Gregg Doyel are warming up their pens while ESPN starts loading the van for the Outside the Lines crew.

May no act of ours bring shame and all that.