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Nitt Picks Is Not Too Bulky To Pick Nitts

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It's Like Some Kind of Watergate 2.0 Mystery?  ESPN was apparently (I wouldn't know because Apartment HD doesn't get cable in the summer) ragging on Clark for bulking up to 240lb at 3% body fat.  Too big to play QB, they suggest.

This appears to have gotten JayTweet on tilt (money quote: "now I know they've got nothing left to talk about"), which led to this confusing and now deleted comment from the same RSS feed:


Any guesses?  And Balco resents the allegation.

For those of you concerned about Clark, and I suspect I'm talking to an empty room here:

Some might say 240 is too big, but [Mr. OMG --ed] Terrelle Pryor is 238 and I don't hear any complaints there.

Awards.  They continue to lose value with every passing season, except for the ones Penn State wins.  Clark, Juice Williams and Northwestern's Kafta are up for the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award; non-seniors need not apply.

You Can't Even See Yankee Stadium From Space.  The ND-Army game that I probably won't watch is, according to everyone's sources, a done deal to be played in Yankee Stadium.  Rutgers is joining the mix and that has led to speculation that Penn State might want crash the party during the three years of football in the city.

It's an interesting idea.  Joe would be returning to the city and thousands of graduates get jobs there every year.  But even with the hoopla I'm not sure it would actually out-earn the same game in Beaver Stadium.  Wiki lists capacity at 52K, just half of Joe's new hometown; only with crazy ESPN money and a match-up that isn't possible in Beaver Stadium does it really make sense.  Not that I wouldn't want it, necessarily, but I don't see the profit in it and therefore the possibility of realization.

In case you wondered, Penn State has played in the venue (by name, anyway) before:

  • 10/27/1923 Penn State 13 - West Virginia 13 - 25,000
  • 10/10/1925 Georgia Tech 16 - Penn State 7
  • 10/19/1929 NYU 7 - Penn State 0 - 30,000

Mobile Arm-Punters. We've been all over Pryor here lately, partially because it's fun but also because I think he has an awful lot of prove and people are forgetting that.

So when I saw Feldman's latest link bait titled "examining the 10 best quarterbacks for the spread offense" in the reader I was curious.  I respect Feldman, he knows his stuff and has done like research and stuff for books, but I forgot I'm not an Insider ($):


A teaser truly written for the masses.  How can anyone resist handing over their hard earned recession money for a look at that list?!

In Scores of Other Games.  We may get to watch another Comcast vs. The People battle next summer as the Big XII, Pac-10 and ACC are looking into teaming up as a single channel (only the teaser is non-$) battles you've already won, the third PSU day on the BTN is today, and the network will also carry Media Day next week...and in an update to the Big Ten-ACC Challenge, Penn State @ Virginia will be only game tipping off on day one of the event.