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Come On Down: Kevin Haplea Choo-Choo-Chooses Penn State

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There's a lot going on today, what with Big Ten Media Days and all (streaming video link), but we'd be slacking if we didn't mention that tight end prospect Kevin Haplea (3* Rivals, 4* Scout) chose Penn State this morning.  This was not exactly a surprise.

What say you, free internet recruiting evaluation?

Haplea is a tight end prospect who displays the tools to be a pretty productive and well-rounded player at the position in college. He is used in the passing game, but really shines as a blocker. Has experience playing as an inline blocker and can create some push in the run game. He makes good initial contact and does a good job getting placement and at times leverage with his hands. When he gets his hands inside and can lock on he is tough to beat. Displays the ability to generate power from his hips and move his feet to create a push. He displays good strength and some tenaciousness as a blocker. You would like to see him more quickly snap his hips at times and needs to watch his pad level.

Does a solid job of climbing up to the second level and getting a piece of moving targets. He has solid size for the position and should be able to add more bulk with time in a college weight program. He is also a productive receiver. Displays solid speed for his size. Displays the ability to track the ball and make the over-the-shoulder grab and go up and get the ball. He tends to catch the ball into his body. Really seems best in the short-to-intermediate passing game. Runs hard with the ball and can be a guy that helps move the chains. Haplea is a good well-rounded prospect.