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What Desperation Smells Like

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File this under 'I can not believe I am linking a Dodd story':

"He could care less whether those games are forfeited," quarterback Christian Ponder said. "So we could care less. We know it might hurt to lose the Joe Paterno thing but we already know Coach Bowden is one of the greatest coaches in college football."

It's obvious to anyone who has watched that for years Florida State (like Penn State) has been run by the staff. The difference is FSU has a plan. Fisher already is doing head-coaching "stuff" like going out in the summer and speaking to boosters.

Meanwhile, Bobby is hatching one final trick play. This one involves digging up what he says are 22 victories earned while he was coach at South Georgia Junior College from 1956-58. Asterisk that, NCAA.

And it gets even more ridiculous:

  • Wiki claims Bowden was hired as the AD, football, basketball and baseball coach at the JC.
  • This thing is so obscure that wiki doesn't even list his football record there.
  • I can only assume based on how absurd this story is Bowden is actually trying to cash in wins from all three sports.

But, like, at what level does pride take over?  The JC in question doesn't even have a football team anymore, and I can't find the wins on the only data base I know that tracks these things, and a google search can't get any closer than 1959.

I share your shock but not your outrage.  I feel like I'm falling for a practical joke.  And maybe I am, it is a Dodd story after all.