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And The Football Angels Rejoiced

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According to our calendar, today is the day that "We Are Penn State" starts shipping from Maple Street Press.  Again, it's 128 pages of Penn Statey goodness, with no advertisements, for a measly $12.99!  That's like fifteen minutes of the Eastern Illinois game -- probably the crappy fourth quarter, too.  Really, we're talking about 128 pages of Penn State content written by your BSD staff, former PSU cornerback Tony Pittman, PSU historian Lou Prato, and a bevy of current and former PSU beat writers (and more!) vs. Matt McGloin handing off to Shaine Thompson for four consecutive three-and-outs against the EIU Panthers.  No contest.

For a complete list of contents, here's Mike's original announcement.  Take another look, and then go buy 100 copies so Kevin and I can eventually afford grottoes of our own.  And when you get your copy, let us know what you thought and leave a review on the MSP website*. 



* - Unless you think it sucks, in which case you should go play in highway traffic.  Otherwise, buy, buy, buy.