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Galen wonders:

Lift for Life teams announced

Don't forget you can help by donating to support your favorite player. BSD man crush Graham Zug has only raised $625 dollars! Where is the loyal BSD nation?!? You call yourselves football fans; you're going to let down your intergalactic leader.

Graham Zug is now sitting at $655, well behind current leader Brett Brackett ($3,335).  But there's a certain other BSD favorite who needs our help...



Zero dollars!  I know the guy isn't participating HAHA I LIED STUPID, but this aggression will not stand. Do you want to be the guy who tells SOA that he raised $0.00?

You will make him very sad.  Or very angry.  I can't ever tell.



I'm in for $20 to benefit the Kidney Cancer Association.  And angry/sad young men everywhere.  Join me.