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Penn State vs. Temple Previews - Please Make This Be Over

This is the final game before Penn State starts their conference schedule. It's been like sleepwalking through NFL preseason exhibition schedule. Nobody cares, but every success is downplayed and every deficiency is blown up into a major problem. Let's see what your BSD staff is looking for this week.

RUTS Says...

Will Penn State wake up and finally hang half-a-hundred on an overmatched opponent?  Probably not.  The main intrigue will center around whether the offensive coaches can settle on its starting guards and the overall production of the running game.  Maybe Collin Wagner will get a few field goal opportunities.  Look, I don't care, okay?  It's Temple.  I'm done with the pastries, bring on Iowa already. 

Prediction: Penn State 37, TempLOL 10

KevinHD Says...

Last year was intriguing because (1) Al Golden was on the up & up, had Penn State ties, and who knows maybe a chance at the PPJ (Post-Paterno Job), (2) quarterback Adam DiMichele had skillz, (3) Temple had a chance to win the MAC.  None of that applies this year.  The Villanova loss is extremely depressing, and breaking in a quarterback against Penn State's front can't be a good thing.  Joe probably calls the dogs off early as this is the last chance to get Newsome some work, I think this one plays out like the other two laughers. 

Prediction: Penn State 31, Temple 7

BSD Mike Says...

Yawn. I'm more excited about watching the Michigan State-Notre Dame game than I am to watch this one.

I think we all know what we're looking for in this game. Evan Royster needs a big rushing game. I'm talking 150 yards big rushing game. And Stephfon Green needs to add on at least another 50. And they need to look sharp with no turnovers. Anything less and we'll be facing another week of doubts and endless questions about the offensive line. I think this is the week Royster breaks 100 yards.

I'm looking for the defense to continue their domination. Temple turned the ball over five times against Villanova. This week I look for the defense to be particularly nasty and take the ball away at least four times. Penn State has this one put away early in the second quarter.

Prediction: Penn State 45, Temple 3