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Pregame Open Thread

Okay, this business of watching the threads all day and posting a new one when it "feels right" or just before there is a minor revolution is getting old. So here is how we're going to work it today. This is your pregame thread. Going on through the day new threads are scheduled to be posted as follows.

Noon - PSU-Temple Game Thread

1:30 PM - PSU Second Half Thread

3:30 PM - Afternoon Games Thread

5:00 PM - Afternoon Games Second Half Thread

8:00 PM - Late Game Thread

9:30 PM - Late Game Second Half Thread

Somewhere in there I'll get a Penn State recap up. I will probably close comments on that so there is no confusion about where the open thread is. The past couple weeks everyone seemed more interested in discussing the games going on rather than recapping the PSU game.

We'll see how this goes. Being Temple and a home game I think this will be enough. For big games on the road we'll probably put up a new thread every quarter.

We Are!!!