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The Fallout: Penn State 13th In Coaches' Poll

The truth is that Penn State probably had no business being in the top 5.  Coming off a strong year and returning some stars is usually a good sign, but Penn State played very poor teams early on, all almost 30 point dogs, and looked very mediocre (although clearly composed of a different level of talent) when they built a 3-0 record and an 0-3 mark against the spread.

After yesterday's loss the polls are, well, strange.  The AP has Penn State 15th, two spots behind Iowa.  I have no idea how the coaches' were able to justify us at 13, four spots ahead of Iowa.  Strange, but what I would expect from a stupid polling system that is comprised of the worst possible pool of voters who don't (and can't) watch more than 5% of the games.

Here's your poll stalker.  The highest vote is a 10 and nine people left Penn State off of their ballots.

Of interest: The coaches love Florida, bump Boise State into the five-spot, and slot Ohio State at #9 (Cincinnati is getting dangerously close at 4-0, the land at #11).

As far as undefeated drops go, Penn State actually got out in decent shape:

Team Last Week This Week Change
Miami 13 21 -8
Penn State 4 13 -9
Mississippi 5 18 -13
California 6 19 -13


The good news is that no one outside of Florida, probably Texas and maybe Alabama seems that good.  Getting back into the top 5 is not going to be an impossible task if the team takes care of business into November.  And as awesome as Iowa looked on the offensive and defensive line, they've got a full slate to take on including road games against a some how 4-0 Wisconsin and Ohio State.

It's a long way to go until the finish line.