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Joe Paterno Press Conference Recap

Here are the bullets from Joe Paterno's press conference today.

  • Obviously, Joe was disappointed with the results on Saturday. He blamed turnovers and field position as the major contributors, but didn't want to take anything away from Iowa who played a good football game. He really liked the effort by the team.
  • When asked about the blocked punt Joe said he warned the kids all week it was going to come down to a kicking play. Joe reminded the team that the 1982 team lost to Alabama on a blocked punt and came back to win the national championship. Nice story, but I don't think this team has the umph in the schedule to climb that high in the polls.
  • Joe stressed the blocked punt was not Jeremy Boone's fault.
  • Obviously he was disappointed with the turnovers. Pointed out they came from some of their most dependable kids. Can't do much to fix it other than just work through it.
  • Sean Lee is still day-to-day. Lee says he can go, but it's up to the medical staff.
  • Joe thinks Collin Wagner is doing a good job on the kickoffs. Earlier in the year the coverage was bad and let a few opponents get back to the 40 yard line. The coverage was better on Saturday and he's pleased with the kickoff coverage game now.
  • Joe says when you get knocked down you have to get up angry and fight. Says we'll find out if this team has some fighters. He thinks they'll be alright.
  • Joe thinks the defensive line did an excellent job.
  • Some reporter asked Paterno if Joe Suhey was excited to be playing in his home state of Illinois this weekend which prompted this major piece of pwnage.

Really, you guys (laughing). You know we’ve got a football team that just got licked. If you think I’m going around saying are you happy? Are you happy? Are you happy? What would you like to do? Would you like to — me to come over and brush your teeth for you tomorrow morning because you’re going to be going home. No, come on, knock it off, will you.

  • When asked about Juice WIlliams, Paterno gave the canned "He's a heck-uf-a athlete" response.
  • Joe is pleased with the performance of Andrew Quarless
  • Joe sidestepped a question about Wisniewski's low shotgun snaps just saying Wiz is doing fine.
  • The conservative playcalling on Saturday night was more a function of the poor field position than wet conditions. Joe hinted that the Iowa defensive backs were doing some things that hindered the receivers, and the officials were letting them get away with it.
  • Brandon Ware is still a "couple weeks" away from being healed from his broken foot.
  • Stephon Morris is playing really well. The coaches are "anxious" to get him more playing time.
  • Joe appreciates the expectations of the fans, but he's more worried about the psyche of his team right now. Says a loss like this is harder because he thought they were pretty even with Iowa in talent and coaching. It's not like they got blown out by a superior opponent. He mentioned how he got in trouble years ago after a loss to a superior Texas team he made a comment in the press conference about how he was going to go home and beat his wife over it. Some people still won't let him live that down so he's more careful in how he responds to losses now.
  • Nerraw McCormack would be the starter at right tackle if they played today. He has earned the right to play in front of DeOn'tae Pannell.
  • Last week Joe mentioned he would like to see the defense force more turnovers. On Saturday they forced two. Joe thinks that's a good number and he's satisfied with it.
  • Joe thinks Nick Sukay played well on Saturday despite the punt block and roughing penalty. He thinks the loss will end up helping young players like him.
  • Joe thinks it might be a good time to take the team on a road game to get them away and focused.