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Joe Paterno Press Conference Highlights

Here are some bullet points from Joe Paterno's press conference this afternoon.

  • Navorro Bowman is still nursing a groin injury and will be out a few days. His status for Syracuse is questionable.
  • Joe liked the way Knowledge Timmons played at cornerback, so No. 4 will probably get the start again this week against the Orange. Joe was also pleased with the play of D'Anton Lynn, so it looks like Wallace will be coming off the bench for another week.
  • Joe says Evan Royster is still the best option at punt returner, so they're going to stick with that.
  • Joe didn't want to play Devon Smith against Akron, but he got "out-voted". They tried to get him the ball on the outside in space. Says it's tough to throw to a small guy like Smith as opposed to a tall guy like Moye because the timing has to be perfect. Joe referred to Smith with the typical Central PA nickname "Smitty".
  • Quarless suffered some issues with cramping on Saturday. He'll be fine this week.
  • Joe thought the offensive line did alright. He was pleased with the pass protection, but thinks the run blocking needs some work. He says credit Akron for doing some things they weren't prepared for.
  • Joe thought the kicking game was "solid". Boone did a good job and Wagner did well on kickoffs. Obviously wasn't pleased with missing two field goals.
  • He thinks Jerome Hayes did well. He's wearing a knee brace for probably a little longer. He only played about 20 snaps and he sat out the entire spring. Considering that he was pleased with his performance.
  • Joe isn't concerned about the 40 yard TD that Sukay gave up. He just misread the play. He's confident Sukay will do better.
  • When asked about being "out voted" and whether he picks his spots to challenge the staff, Joe says it depends. If he's in a good mood he'll give in. If not he will challenge them. Sometimes he just likes to agitate them to make them think a bit. He was agitating them about playing Smith because he is a true freshman. The staff felt strongly that he could contribute, so he gave in.
  • Joe was once again asked about the failed Eastern Conference he tried to put together. He had Syracuse and Boston College ready to leave the Big East, but Pitt pulled the rug out from it and joined the Big East killing it. But Joe insists he doesn't hold a grudge because Penn State ended up in the Big Ten because of it.
  • Joe says Jack Crawford is a good athlete, but he still has a lot to learn.
  • When asked about the importance of Syracuse turning things around for the good of "eastern football", Joe basically said eastern football doesn't matter anymore. With Boston College in the ACC and Penn State in the Big Ten, resurrecting the Eastern Football mystique doesn't matter. College football is a national game now. But of course, according to Joe, he doesn't think about these things.